Blue Watchdog Conservation, Inc. works with residential and commercial customers. Our approach is to evaluate, educate, and help property owners or managers take the necessary steps to complete water saving actions. 


Experienced staff has served as professors at local colleges since 2010 teaching irrigation and horticulture classes. We instruct the following courses:

  • SDCWA Water Smart
  • CLCA Water Management
  • Qualified Water Efficiency Landscaper
  • Landscape Industry Certified Courses

Water Use Evaluations

Reports custom analysis and prioritized recommendations of the site’s water use include:

  • Water Budgeting
  • Cooling Tower COC
  • Water Balance
  • Water Use Intensity
  • Per Capita water Use
  • Return on Investment

Commercial Coaching

Our commercial water efficiency coaching is a proven commercial engagement solution to assist water agencies in servicing key clients. 

Direct Install

Our direct install of water saving devices includes 1 hour of onsite training by our expert staff for the homeowner or professional landscaper.