Our holistic approach combined with a highly certified staff and innovative Blue Panda software applications provide game changing water conservation services.

Services We Provide

  1. Commercial, Large Landscape, and Residential Indoor and Outdoor Surveys.
  2. Field Truthing for Incentive and Rebate Programs and mapping water management assets and landscape area classifications.
  3. Blue Pandas Software- client engagement software

3-Step Water Services

We have a three step process to conducting a water survey.

1. We meet with the decision makers of the property and discuss objectives.
2. We inspect the irrigation system.
3. We present a report and answer your questions and offer a 12-month coaching service as needed.

Here is what you can expect to be included in your outdoor water survey:

1. Water Comparison- We establish an outdoor water budget for the entire site. Comparing your historical average water use to the budget will reveal the potential savings in water and dollars. Having this information is important to making decisions about upgrades.

2. Irrigation Efficiency Project Proposal- We make recommendations to improve irrigation system. You are provided with applicable rebates to any of the recommendations.

3. Water Management Asset Map- We provide a map that shows the location of all devices on the property that can be used for water management. This includes: water meters, isolation valves, flow sensors, and controllers. We also map landscape area classifications to help with water budgeting.

4. Site Specific Notes- In your final report site specific notes cover all miscellaneous aspects of the survey. This may address specific questions and long-term goals for the property.

5. Base Schedules- Watering times for your specific microclimate are provided.

Water Agencies We Work For

California American Water

Residential and Commercial Water Surveys We provide Residential, Large Landscape, and Commercial surveys with reports that address water saving actions. Blue Dashboard Program Participant’s water consumption is updated and compared to a voluntary budget to measure program effectiveness.

San Diego County Water Authority

Water Smart Makeover Workshop and Pilot Programs Surveys are conducted recording as-built irrigation zones on a scaled base plan. Homeowners are given classes on irrigation water conservation. We also teach QWEL education classes to professional landscapers.

Rincon Water

Residential Survey reports include recommended water efficiency upgrades and necessary irrigation repairs with emphasis on the priorities of improvements.


Large Residential (Estates) Survey reports include recommended water efficient updates and a 12-month coaching program using follow up visits and BlueDashboard engagement software.


Residential Survey Reports include recommended water efficiency upgrades.


We teach QWEL education classes to professional landscapers in the Chino Basin Conservation District